"Atlantic" named in Aalesund

The combined longliner and Danish seiner "Atlantic" was named in Aalesund, Norway on February 1st.
With the length of 64 m and beam of 14 m, the vessel becomes the largest longliner to date in the North Atlantic longliner fleet.

The vessel is of ST-157 design and is a new design developed in close cooperation with the Owner Atlantic Longline AS.

The vessel is built at Tersan Shipyard in Turkey, a shipyard that has delivered a series of factory trawlers and longliners of ST-design during the last 10 years.

The vessel is built for operation with diesel mechanical propulsion system as main mode, in diesel electric mode by use of auxiliary generators and in short-term electric mode by use of a battery package.

The vessel has an accommodation capacity ofr 25 persons.

The vessel is the first newbuilt vessel for combined operation with longline and Danish seining.

We congratulate the Owner Atlantic Longline AS with their new vessel and wish them all the best in the operation of the vessel.