Exploration, research and media production vessel OceanXplorer 1

From Oil & Gas to exploration of the ocean...

(Image courtesy of Steve Gresham and OceanX)

OceanXplorer 1 was built to help OceanX realize its core mission of exploring the ocean and bringing it back to the world. 

An amazing story where Ray Dalio and his son Mark Dalio acquired up the IMR vessel Volstad Surveyor, an ST-253 design from 2010 and had the idea of refitting her into the most advanced exploration, scientific research and media production vessel ever built.

Skipsteknisk jointly with Steve Gresham Yacht Design have designed and specified the retrofitting of the vessel, which was undertaken by Damen in Rotterdam. So from serving the Oil & Gas industry, OceanXplorer 1 is now in the service of exploring the oceans and contributing in saving our planet. 

OceanXplorer 1 is fantastic ship fitted with bow-mounted helicopter deck with integrated helo-hangar and re-fueling facilities, submarine hangar with space for maintenance and storage of two manned Triton submersibles, Remus AUV and an Argus ROV in hangar for launching over side down to 6000m.

OceanXplorer 1 is fully equipped to carry out scientific research of life in the ocean, survey the unexplored ecosystem, mapping of seabed etc. and is fitted with latest technology within acoustic sonars, CTD sampling systems and arranged with advanced wet-labs and dry-labs on board. 

In addition to being a floating media platform with its onboard production house where the media team can transform discoveries into digital content in real time, the vessel has a fully equipped dive center for scuba diving with a hinged flush-mounted "beach" on port side of the vessel. Explore the vessel https://oceanxplorer.oceanx.or

OceanXplorer 1 is now on her maiden voyage outside Saudia Arabia and in an upcoming National Geographic series, James Cameron and filmmakers with BBC Studios will follow OceanXplorer1 and her crew around the world as they study different parts of the ocean. 

See  OceanXplorer from the air (courtesy of SuperYacht Times)

Visit www.oceanx.org

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