Skipsteknisk is designing new research vessel for Ireland

Skipsteknisk AS of Aalesund, Norway is awarded the design contract for Ireland’s new Fishery and Oceanographic Research vessel. It is Marine Institute in Galway that shall replace the now 21 year old “Celtic Voyager” with a new and larger vessel.

The photo showing Dr Peter Heffernan, CEO Marine Institute and Hans Ove Holmoey, CEO Skipsteknisk AS signing the contract.  In the foreground the research vessel «Celtic Explorer».

The contract was recently signed in Dublin and includes design and engineering, class and construction drawings.  Skipsteknisk will also supervise the construction of the vessel throughout the construction and test period.  Skipsteknisk has a long and wide experience in designing this type of research vessels and the contract was secured in strong international competition.  Skipsteknisk has previously worked for Marine Institute, the company also designed the “Celtic Explorer” completed in 2003.

The new ship to be built to be arranged for scientific missions within fishery research as well as oceanography, bottom mapping, environmental research and meteorology.  The vessel will have a length about 50 m and be designed with high focus on low emissions, low energy consumption and low underwater radiated noise.

The shipbuilding contract to be tendered in second half of 2019 and awarded within year-end.

Link to press release from Marine Institute;


For additional information, please contact;

Hans Ove Holmøy

Managing Director/Sales Manager Research Ships

E-mail           : hoh@skipsteknisk.no

Phone            : +47 908 63073