Skan-El AS

Skan-El is a marine electrical engineering company founded in 1966 in Ålesund at the west coast of Norway. For over 40 years we have been in the business of designing and projecting complete electrical installations onboard ships.

Today we are 9 employees, high school engineers, electrical engineers and others with education within maritime environment. Our customers are ship yards, ship owners and ship design companies, together with electrical installation firms, both local and abroad. 

Besides designing and projecting electrical installations, we also conduct FMEA analysis (Failure Modes & Effects Analysis) which is required for all ships built as DP 2 or DP 3 vessels. We also participate in the FMEA test which follows the analysis. As an IMCA member, we also offer ”Annual DP Trial”, a test at sea after some time to confirm the FMEA analysis.

Skan-El is engaged in building processes on many continents. Visits to shipyards is a common task, and we have continuous ongoing contracts in China, Chile, Croatia, Spain, Turkey, India and of course Norway.

Visit Skan-El homepage:  www.skanel.no