Grand Canyon

Type of vessel:  ROV & DSV
Design:  ST-259

128 m Offshore Construction Vessel for owner Volstad Maritime


This vessel, designated ST-259 is a Multi Purpose Offshore Construction Vessel built at Bergen Group Fosen, Norway, yard no. 89. Owner is Volstad Maritime, Norway.

The vessel is specially designed for operation under severe weather conditions and with high maneuverability and station keeping capabilities.

The vessel will be outfitted and prepared for the following duties:

  • Pipelaying or cablelaying from carousels with VLS through moonpool or over stern
  • ROV operations like pipeline / route survey
  • Sub-sea installation works through moonpol and over shipside
  • Crane operations for bottom positioning of modules


Main Characteristics

Length over all  127.75 m
Length between p.p.  114.60 m
Breadth moulded  25.00 m
Depth to main deck  11.50 m
Max draft  approx. 8.50 m
DWT at SWL / 8.00 m  aprox. 9300 tons
Deck area aft of hangar  1900 m2
Speed at 6.0 m draft  approx. 15 knots