North Barents

Type of vessel:  PSV
Design:  ST-216 Arctic

92.60 Platform Supply Vessel for GulfMark Norway


"North Barents", designated ST-216 Arctic, constructed at Simek AS, Norway, yard no. 131 for owner Gulf Rederi AS, Norway. Delivered January 18th 2017.

The vessel is intended for world wide operation, and following features have been emphasised in the design:

  • Designed for operations in northern cold waters
  • Environmental friendly profile through Clean Design and SCR exhaust catalysts
  • Low resistance hull lines optimized for speed and low fuel oil consumption
  • High redundancy
  • High station keeping capability

The vessel is outfitted for platform supply services, including transport of:

  • Deck cargo
  • Pipes
  • Dry bulk
  • Liquid cargo

The vessel is also outfitted for standby rescue and oil recovery operations.


Main Characteristics

Length over all  92.60 m
Length between p.p.  82.20 m
Breadth moulded  19.20 m
Depth to main deck  8.50 m
Max draft  approx. 6.95 m
Deadweight at 6.95 m draft  5000 tons
Gross tonnage  approx. 3700 tons
Speed  16.50 knots
Accommodation  40 pers + hospital
Cargodeck space  1050m2