OceanXplorer 1

Type of vessel:  Oceanographic
Design:  ST-253 XR

87 m Ocean Exploration Vessel


OceanXplorer 1, designated ST-253 XR, is the most advanced exploration, scientific research and media production vessel ever built.


Main Characteristics

Length over all  87.10 m
Length between p.p.  75.00 m
Breadth moulded  18.00 m
Depth to 2nd deck  9.10 m
Max draft  approx. 6.30 m
Accommodation  72 persons
Speed at 6.0 m draft  approx. 15 knots
Main crane  30t @ 9m / 25t@10m (Inboard/offshore)
A-frame for Subs  40t SWL