ST-184 AS


Type of vessel:  Longliners
Design:  ST-184 AS

62m Crab Catcher & Processor for JSC Arcticservice


This vessel, designated ST-184 AS is a Crab Catcher & Processing vessel designed by Skipsteknisk AS, in co-operation with owner JSC Arcticservice/ North West Fishing Consortium.

The vessel is designed to harvest King- and Snow crab in Russian Northern waters, under severe weather condition and reinforced for ice conditions.

The vessel is designed for both single and longline pot harvest, and the vessel is fully outfitted for onboard Production, freezer Storage and offer transhipment.


Main Characteristics

Length over all  61.90 m
Length between p.p  55.80 m
Breath moulded  15.00 m
Accommodation  38 persons + hospital
Class  RMRS KM*, ICE3, AUT1, (REF), Fishing Vessel
Processing  Frozen crab products
Freezing capacity  40 t/d
Propulsion system  2555 kW