AFBI in Northern Ireland confirms shipbuilding contract for ST-designed research vessel

AFBI(Agri-Food & Biosciences Institute) in Belfast has this week confirmed the shipbuilding contract with Armon Shipyard in Vigo, Spain for their new Fishery and Oceanographic Research Vessel.

ST-366 for AFBI
ST-366 for AFBI

The vessel is of ST-366 design developed to meet the scientific operational requirements of AFBI. Prior to this announcement AFBI has awarded the design contract to Skipsteknisk and together the design has been further developed and tailored to meet operational as well as environmental requirements.

The new research vessel for AFBI is designed to meet the strict underwater noise requirements defined in the ICES 209 report. The Vessel has a length of 53 m and is arranged for a crew of 12 persons together with 12 scientists. The vessel is arranged with a hybrid propulsion system including a large battery package. Though this the vessel can operate emission free for periods as well a maintaining low emissions over time.

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