New Zealand's Aurora Fisheries builds new factory trawler of Skipsteknisk design

Aurora Fisheries is part of the Solander Group. The newbuild is of ST-116XL design with a length of 80 m and a width of 15.4 m. The vessel will be built by Tersan Shipyard in Turkey and has been given build number 1124. The delivery time is in fourth quarter of 2025.

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The vessel will fish in the waters around New Zealand and will replace the company's current factory trawler. The vessel will have a crew of up to 50 people in a modern and spacious interior. The factory on board will be arranged for production of various species of fish, stored on pallets in a freezer hold of approx. 2100 m3.

Skipsteknisk has a long history from the design of fishing and research vessels to customers in New Zealand. These include the fisheries research vessel "Tangaroa" built by Mjellem & Karlsen in Bergen in 1991, the factory trawler "Rehua" built by Langsten Slip & Båtbyggeri in 1997, the factory trawler "Tokatu" built by Simek AS in Flekkefjord in 2018, and under construction now in Spain the research vessel "Kaharoa II".

Further information about the contract, the fishing company and the ship here in an extract from the company's press release;

Tersan shipyard is building a new vessel, to be operated in New Zealand fisheries waters by Aurora Fisheries, which is part of the Solander Group. The vessel, designed by Skipsteknisk of Norway and built by Tersan in Türkiye heralds a new era for Solander as it brings the latest developments in energy efficiency and regeneration to New Zealand’s deep-sea fishing grounds.

Tersan Shipyard and Skipsteknisk have considerable experience in working together in the construction of deep-sea fishing vessels, giving Aurora the confidence to invest in such a significant step forward. Upon delivery, the new vessel will be used by Aurora Fisheries to target a range of species sustainably managed through New Zealand’s quota management system. The Solander Group is the smallest player in the New Zealand Deepwater fishery, operating only one vessel, but has its own quota and accesses more through relationships with other companies.

She will have 2135 m³ freezer hold cargo capacity for ready graded products on pallets.

The new vessel is scheduled for delivery in late 2025, and will replace the current vessel which, while having has served the company well, was not originally built for New Zealand waters. The new vessel, with a name still to be announced, will be 80 meters long, feature a state of art bridge and fish factory, and offering maximum energy efficiency. The vessel is planned to accommodate up to 50 people on board with spacious living areas and social amenities.

“Tersan Shipyard are so proud to be the builder of this state of art vessel for Aurora Fisheries. She will be the first vessel to be delivered to New Zealand from Tersan which makes her all the more special for us. We look forward to working with Aurora and Skipsteknisk, and will work hard to proceed with the construction of the vessel and deliver her on time.” Says, Mehmet Gazioğlu, Managing Director of Tersan Shipyard.

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For further information about the vessel and contract, please contact;

Inge Bertil Straume

Sales Manager Fishing Vessels

Email:, Phone +47 91 66 00 11