Skipsteknisk secures another design contract in Canada

On Friday October 29th, the Canadian fishing company Baffin Fisheries Ltd. announced their decision to build a new state-of-the art arctic factory freezer trawler based on Skipsteknisk ST-119 design.

Baffin Fisheries is a 100% Inuit-owned fishing company located in Iqaluit, Nuvanut on Baffin Iceland. The new vessel for Baffin Fisheries will have a length of 80 m, and a beam of 18 m. It will have a cargo capacity of about 1320 tonnes of frozen-at-sea Greenland Halibut(turbot) or about 930 tonnes of shrimps.

The new freezer trawler is to be built at Tersan Shipyard in Turkey and will be delivered in February 2024. Skipsteknisk has through the last 10 years designed a large number of factory freezer trawlers built at Tersan Shipyard, also for Canadian owners, and we are very pleased to offer this mutual experience to our new client Baffin Fisheries Ltd. The design contract was won in close competition with other designers and Skipsteknisk is very pleased to be awarded also this prestigious contract.

Skipsteknisk and ST-design has through resent and ongoing projects established a strong position in the arctic fishing industry in Canada. In 2017 the “MV Northern Osprey III” was delivered to owner MV Osprey Ltd. And in 2020 “MV Calvert” was delivered to owner Ocean Choice International. Ongoing is a new arctic factory freezer trawler under construction for Clearwater Ocean Prawns for delivery in 2022 and the most recent announced design contract for owner Qikiqtaaluk Fisheries Corporation.

For more information about the contract and Baffin Fisheries Ltd., see enclosed press release from Baffin Fisheries.

BF New Vessel Press Release Oct. 29.pdf

For further information about the design, please contact;

Mr. Inge Bertil Straume,
Sales Manager Fishing Vessels

Email;, Phone; +47 91 66 00 11