The new "Gadus" delivered to Faroe Island owner JFK

The new arctic factory trawler "Gadus" was recently delivered to it's owner PF JFK at Faroe Island. The new trawler is of ST-119 design and built to a DNV class (hull with Ice class 1A*). The vessel is built by Tersan Shipyard in Turkey.The naming ceremony took place in Klaksvik at Faroe Island Sunday 22nd October.

The new vessel has a length of 88.1 m and a beam of 18.3 m. The high standard accommodation is arranged for a crew of 43 persons .

The vessel is arranged with processing plant for cod/whitefish. The processing onboard includes a high-capacity fillet factory. 100% of the residual raw material is being processed into fish meal and fish oil.

Freezer hold capacity for cod/whitefish is totally 2300 m3. Main freezer hold arranged Below Main Deck and one upper hold on Main Deck. Total fish meal hold capacity is abt. 800 m3. The vessel is arranged for operation with 3 trawls.

The vessel is further equipped with a Wartsila main engine of 7300 kW running on variable speed, two auxiliary engines of 1300 kW each and one harbour generator.

Please have a look at the Owner's homepage and video here;

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