Type of vessel:  Longliners
Design:  ST-157

62.8 x 14.0 m Longliner


This vessel, designated ST-157, is a longliner with diesel electric propulsion both aft and forward. The vessel is further arranged with battery power system.

The vessel is specially designed for lining through moonpool in centreline. This extends the time of fishing operations under severe weather conditions and with high maneuverability and station keeping capabilities.


Main Characteristics

Length over all  62.80 m
Length between p.p  57.60 m
Breath moulded  14.00 m
Depth to main deck  5.90 / 6.02 m
Depth to shelter deck  8.90 m
Depth to forecastle deck  11.50 m
Typical accommodation cap.  25 persons + hospital
Propulsion system  Hybrid PTH/PTI Battery
Autiline system  72 000 hooks
Typical freezing capacity  70 t/d.