Type of vessel:  Stern Trawlers
Design:  ST-117L

81.2 x 16.6 m Factory Freezer Trawler


This vessel, designated ST-117, is designed and purpose built for the following duties:

  • Bottom and mid-water trawling with single and twin gear
  • On-board processing and freezing of catch
  • Efficient operation in ice and arctic waters

Main Characteristics

Length over all  81.20 m
Length between p.p.  73.20 m
Breadth moulded  16.60 m
Depth main deck  6.15 m
Depth shelter deck  9.50 m
Typical accommodation cap.  40 persons + hospital
Speed  abt. 15 kn in ballast
Freezing hold capacity  abt. 1500 cbm
Fishmeal store  abt. 200 cbm
Typical freezing capacity  90 - 120 t/d.
Processing  Fillet / H&G / Fishmeal