ST-264 OCV 

ST-264 OCV

Type of vessel:  ROV & DSV
Design:  ST-264 OCV

153.4 x 30 m ROV / Offshore Construction Vessel


This vessel, designated ST-264 OCV, is a purpose built Offshore Construction Vessel / ROV / Survey vessel specially designed for operation under severe weather conditions and with high maneuverability and station keeping capabilities.

The vessel will be outfitted and prepared for the following duties:

  • ROV operations like pipeline / route survey
  • Subsea installation work through moonpool and over shipside
  • Crane operations
  • Cable / pipelaying from carousels

Main Characteristics

Length over all  153.40 m
Length between p.p.  142.10 m
Breadth moulded   30.00 m
Depth to main deck   12.00 m
Max draft  approx. 7.00 m
DWT at SWL / 7.00 m  approx. 12000 tons
Deck area aft of hangar   2550 m2