ST-257 IMR

ST-257 IMR

Type of vessel:  ROV & DSV
Design:  ST-257 IMR

108.7 x 23 m Subsea IMR Vessel


This vessel, designated ST-257 IMR, is an Inspection, Maintenance and Repair vessel.

ST-257 IMR is specially designed for operation in northern waters under severe weather conditions, and have excellent maneuverability and station keeping capabilities.

The vessel is built for the following main tasks:

  • ROV operations / inspections
  • ROT operations using module handling system
  • Light construction works
  • Scale squeeze and pumping operations
  • RFO operations

Main Characteristics

Length over all  108.70 m
Beam  23.00 m
Dept to main deck  9.60 m
Speed  17 knots
Deadweight  5500 tons
Accommodation  90 persons
Deck area  650 m2 external + 430 m2 covered
Moon pool  7.2 m x 7.2 m
Main Crane  100 tons / 15 m