Type of vessel:  Polar
Design:  ST-395

132 x 23 m Polar Research Vessel


This vessel, designated ST-395, is a purpose built Polar-10 ice-classed research vessel specially designed with good maneuverabilty, and for operation under severe weather conditions including ice.

ST-395 is arranged for flexible operation in arctic / antarctic and other remote areas with variatons. The vessel is also equipped with moonpool for launch and recovery of various tools and equipment.

The vessel will be outfitted and prepared for the following duties:

  • Marine biology sampling and research
  • Bottom sampling on soft and hard bottom
  • Geological and geophysical sampling and research
  • Live animal research and testing
  • Meteorological research and observation

Main Characteristics

Length over all  132.00 m
Length between p.p.  121.60 m
Beam  23.00 m
Depth to tween deck  5.30 m
Depth to upper deck  11.50 m
Depth to 1st deck  15.00 m
Depth to 2nd deck  18.00 m
Accommodation  109 pers (40 crew and 69 special personnel)