Type of vessel:  Other
Design:  ST-550

77.65 x 17.50 m Live Fish Carrier


This vessel, designated ST-550, is a Live Fish Carrier intended for operation along the Norwegian coast or in other salmon farming coastal areas.

The vessel is a single screw propelled vessel, designed with low resistance hull to achieve low fuel oil consumption during transport.

ST-550 is a new well boat concept featuring:

  • Two separately arranged fish tanks, enabling high fish density and prime quality
  • Individual forced water circulation
  • Closed loop circulation
  • Open circulation
  • Syphon loading and unloading
  • Large free deck area
ST-550 will be equipped with fish handling system from MMC Tendos. The vessel contains water treatment systems from Redox.
The vessel is arranged for closed loop circulation for transport of live fish in contaminant areas.
The vessel will be outfitted and prepared for the following services:
  • Carrying of live fish like salmon, trout, cod
  • Cooling by RSW
  • General fish farming support

Main Characteristics

Length over all  77.65 m
Length between p.p.  74.40 m
Breadth moulded  17.50 m
Depth to main deck  7.80 m
Max. draught  approx. 6.30 m
Net Fish Hold Tanks  3200 m3
Accommodation  13 persons